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What is Shamanic Reiki?

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1-to-1 Sessions

One-to-one sessions will be available again in Spring 2016.

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Shamanic Reiki


Welcome to the Shamanic Reiki UK website. This is where you can follow my blog, find out about healing sessions available and upcoming training courses, workshops and retreats.


Blessings and best wishes, Jonathan Weekes

Shamanic Reiki UK
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Jonathan offers and facilitates Shamanic workshops, courses and retreats around the UK. Based in Kent, he shares his experience with groups around the country, holding workshops and retreats.


Jonathan brings years of practice and experience in healing to empower and guide others on their healing journeys, to help people explore their connection with the spirit of the land around them and to empower healers to connect with their inner wisdom and intuition.

"Had an amazing weekend at Old Mill Therapies with Jonathan - can't wait for the next! Your heart is SO in the right place; so positive, so inspiring, so patient. No amount of words could do your workshops justice. I keep recommending you!" Sheila

"Well what can I say. The best day of my life. Jonathan was amazing. I have three Drums and one way or another Jonathan had something to do with all of them. Drum Birthing with Jonathan is the best thing I have ever done. I can't imagine how I ever lived without them. Thank you so much Jonathan" Martine

"Thanks so much for the wonderful drumming workshop in Edinburgh. I really like your unique soft style of supporting people to get as much out of the workshop as possible. I loved every minute of it!. Great drumming, chanting, journeying and supportive chats. Really hope to get to another of your workshops in the near future." Edel

"I attend the Drum Circle in Ashford and can't put into words the way it makes me feel, the harmony & positive energy that flows round us is amazing, I can't thank you enough Jonathan. Everyone should do this" Helen

"Jonathan is an excellent teacher, with wisdom beyond his years. He teaches with wit and from the heart, and I recommend him and his work to all who are interested." Cheryl


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